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GCB Online Banking Systems now offers Mobile Wallet and My Mobile Money App.

The Co-op Bank now offers features to our electronic banking systems that will increase the security of your electronic banking transactions. We hope you are pleased with these enhancements as we are, and thank you for banking with us!

Mobile Wallet
Our customer’s #1 request! GCB MasterCard Debit Cards will work with mobile wallet apps, including iPhone and Android smartphones, using;
• Apple® Pay
• Android® Pay
• Samsung® Pay

My Mobile Money App provided by Elan Financial Services on our behalf
Our customers have also asked for more detailed information on GCB ATM/Debit Card transaction alerts, this new free app does that, plus;
• Debit card turn off and on
• Debit card transaction history
• Reporting fraudulent transactions

Online Bill Pay
The new system is very user friendly, similar but not identical to the current interface, a few of the new benefits include;
• Funds stay in your account until the check clears
• Retrieve a copy of bill payment checks
• Place your own check stop payments (standard fees apply)

PopMoney Replaces EasyPay Electronic Bill Payments
Existing electronic bill payments to individuals are now converted to check payments
PopMoney is designed for paying individuals electronically in a more secure environment, with a variety of delivery options including;
• 3-day electronic payments to individuals through PopMoney are free of charge
• Next day electronic payments through PopMoney have a fee of $1.40 each

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